Download Videoder For Android | Install Videoder App APK

There are many people who are fond of downloading videos from internet and for this they surf many websites. So there is a need for tool or an app that could search through all the websites and bring you your desired videos. Videoder is an app designed to support android platform. This app allows a user to search for any type of video by using a search engine provided by this app. This search engines filters through variety of video services like YouTube, Vimeo and many others.

Videoder For Android features

Videoder app facilitates users with an ease to download videos and music files directly to their android device. Not only this, user can also select the quality of video they want to download. This app provides you with different formats related to the video you want to download. Many popular and supported formats such as, MP4, 3GP, FLV and even HD are supported by this app.


As said before, this app is loaded with many features. Here is a list of the features that Videoder app provides to its users:

  • Direct Music Download: using this app you can download any mp3 music file from YouTube on a go. Just tap on your smartphone and get all music you want with ease.
  • HD Video Download: using this app you can download video in any resolution for as low as 144 pixels and as high as 1080 pixels full high-definition.
  • Batched Download: by batched download we mean that you can download multiple videos at same time. You can select multiple YouTube videos from different pages and then download all of them in one go. This app is a great boon as it helps you to download multiple songs when you on a long drive or in parties.
  • Enhance Video Preview: This app also has a great structural design to view videos. It’s very user friendly. It has got a YouTube style preview. You can simultaneously preview a video and continue with searching or managing downloads. Preview feature is available in both SD and HD.
  • Beautiful Design & Easy UI: One of the most touching part of this app is its design and ease of use by many people across the world. It is powered with a beautiful material design and extremely easy to use user interface. I bet you, you would have never seen such a beautiful and easy UI to access music and download videos before.


Download and Install Videoder App APK Android

You can download any video matching your choice, this app searches for all kinds of videos and music files available on website. You can search for videos related to educational tutorials, music videos, funny videos and many more categories that a user wants to search. This facility helps you to download any video from this app in any desired format that your android device will support.

  • This application runs on an android device with minimum version of 2.1. This app could result in an excellent tool for downloading YouTube videos on your smartphone. You can visit the official website of app to download the latest version and enjoy the service.

Download the latest apk verion here

Before concluding this article, I would suggest all the readers to go for this app. This app can be a great asset for those users who like to stream online videos and music. Not only that you can also install videoder app on iphone and also on PC windows easily. Not only streaming, also they can download them directly on to their smartphones using videoder apk. So what are you waiting for, just go to the official website of Videoder and download the latest version.